Welcome to BittyBeeCo!

Hello there! I'm Kara, a proud stay-at-home mom to three amazing kids and a self-taught seamstress with over 8 years of hands-on experience. Nestled in the beautiful city of Draper, Utah, I've dedicated myself to the art of sewing, bringing forth a unique blend of creativity, skill, and a passion for uniqueΒ fabrics.

My journey into the world of sewing was ignited by a simple yet powerful desire – to dress my children in clothes that were as unique and charming as they are. Frustrated by the lack of truly distinctive options in stores, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Armed with a needle, thread, and a vision for cuteness, I embarked on a self-taught sewing adventure. The process was not just about crafting garments but about infusing each piece with a touch of love and individuality. As I saw my kids light up in outfits I had personally created, I realized the transformative magic of sewing – turning fabric into expressions of personality and warmth. This pursuit has evolved into a passion for creating custom pieces not only for my own family but for others who share the desire for clothing as special and unique as the ones they love.

Here at BittyBeeCo, you'll find a blend of skill, creativity, and a commitment to crafting exceptional pieces that stand the test of time. Thank you for joining me on this sewing adventure – I look forward to sharing the joy of handmade creations with you!



BittyBeeCo, where passion meets playfulness in the world of children's fashion! As the proud owner, I infuse each garment in our small shop with a personal touch of creativity and love. At BittyBeeCo, we believe that clothing is more than just fabric – it's an expression of individuality and imagination. From handpicked fabrics to unique design elements, every piece is crafted with care to ensure your little ones stand out in style. Join us on this whimsical journey, where each creation is a testament to the joy of putting creative touches on every stitch. BittyBeeCo is not just a shop; it's a celebration of childhood and the magic that comes with wearing something uniquely special.